Stihl put their rapid duro carbide toothed chain through a torture test and it came out on top. While you may not be cutting through sand and cement, if you happen to come across dirty or frozen wood this chain will power through with less sharpening and longer life.


At Dobos we have just added Ethanol Free Gasoline (EF89) with 89 Octane to our inventory. The EF89 is available now for anyone needing an ethanol free solution. We also carry complete lines of the No-Spill Gas Cans, 2 stroke oil and other items for the optimum fuel solution.

Getting the gasoline is as easy as stopping in and asking anyone of our staff if you can get EF89 fuel. We will gladly assist you from there. We look forward to seeing you!!!!


We are excited to carry the latest high output professional blower from Stihl at Dobos Lawnmower Sales & Service. The Stihl BR 700 has really stepped up the power to help professionals manage tough landscaping tasks and maintain large properties. This powerful backpack blower will work great in clearing wet leaves, brush and debris. The Stihl BR 700 doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency for power. The fuel efficient motor on this backpack blower will save you money all season long. At Dobos, we like the adjustable telescopic tube and control handle that requires no tools and makes this backpack blower comfortable for all users. Plus, the semi-automatic choke makes it easy to start. Your professional landscape and maintenance crews will love this portable and versatile design. This is a great blower and we encourage everyone to come in and test out the Stihl BR700.